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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Go, get Windows Vista: Make this earth a better place to live!

I am an admirer of Windows Vista. I had been evaluating Windows Vista since Beta2 and found it to be really promising. Windows Vista comes with a great bundle of features and capabilities that we had been waiting for so long. I am going to talk so high about Windows Vista. Having said that, what do you expect to hear from me? - Windows Vista is a Great OS? - Windows Vista has a Great UI? - Windows Vista is highly secure? Well, today I am going to say something different. I would say: - Jump to Windows Vista and Save more $$$ - Jump to Windows Vista and save Ecology - Jump to Windows Vista and reduce Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere Sounds little odd? Let me explain. There are some write up released from microsoft about the power saving capabilities of a machine running Windows Vista. Read this white paper, which explains energy saving capabilities of Windows Vista. If you have a few minutes and are interested to find those facts, I would suggest you read this white paper. If you are little lazy like me, find a summary below:

  • If your organization has 1000 desktop machines, you could save $70,770 every year in terms of Power Saving (760.14 kWt * Current US rate $0.0931 per kWt).
  • Production of 1 kWt electricity in United States emits 1.55 pounds of Carbon Dioxide. So you save 760 kWt of electricity and reduce emission of several thousand pounds of CO2.
  • A dozen Windows Vista machines can save Carbon Dioxide emission equivalent to the CO2 emitted by 1 car annually (In United States).
  • Half a dozen Windows Vista machines can reduce Carbon Dioxide emission equivalent to the CO2 sequestered by 1 acre of forest/trees.

Looks like little exaggerated, but quite interesting stuff.

From the point of a normal user, you are no longer requested to wait for minutes before your machine can boot up. Your computer will be switched ON or OFF just like what you do with your TV. One-click-on and one-click-off.

If you are interested to keep a watch on Windows Vista, you should book mark this page where the Vista team keep posting great deal of information.


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