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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Passing a table to a stored procedure

This week, my column at sqlservercentral discussed about passing a table to a stored procedure. This is something that we need, to make reusable stored procedures. However, SQL Server does not still support passing a table variable to a stored procedure. So my column this week, demostrated a workaround to get this done.

If you happen to read my articles, I would suggest you go through the discussion forum too. The discussion forum is the place where people can discuss about the article and share their ideas. Many of the times the articles generate a spark and you will find great ideas from many SQL Experts.

So I would suggest that you click on the link Join the discussion. When you are in the discussion forum, click on the link Watch This Topic. This will make sure that you will get a notification email when a new comment is posted in the forum.

There may be comments that encourages, some of them may be criticizing, and many of them will be sharing new ideas. SQL Server Central is a place where you can find many SQL Server Experts and hence, most of the times, you can see them sharing their ideas and approaches in the forums.

Most of the times, I see that, when I present an approach to do a certain task, many people respond with alternate approaches which explains how they used to handle the situation/task. Some times, those approaches will be better than what I present in the article. So make sure that you read the comments and spend time to understand the great ideas shared by large numbr of SQL Experts at the forum.

You can find this week's article here and the discussion forum here.


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