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Thursday, June 26, 2008

XQuery Labs - A Collection of XQuery Sample Scripts

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  1. Jacob

    Great set of problems but not sure why you call them XQuery - some XPath perhaps. Good trigger for me to write XQuery solutions running

    and into XQuery Wikibook

    Chris Wallace

  2. Well, I dont think I can really separate XPath and XQuery. The term "XQuery" seems to be more familiar with SQL Server developers.

  3. Jacob,
    XQuery is a full W3C standard language built on XPath 2.0. TSQL seems to provide some elements of XPath 1.0, but take a look at the code in the link above to see what XQuery really is like- and weep at the difference between it and TSQL :-)

  4. Chris,
    The purpose of this tutorial is to help SQL Server developers so that they can write XQuery against XML datatype columns and variables. I wanted this series to cover whatever XQuery functionality implemented in TSQL so far.

    I agree with you that there are several stuff that are missing. But sooner or later we will have them.


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