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Sunday, September 21, 2008

News: Ahmedabad SQL Server UG Meeting - Yesterday, 20th September 2008

We had a wonderful time discussing various SQL Server related topics, yesterday. The primary attraction was an excellent session by SQL Server MVP, Pinal Dave, on CTE (Common Table Expressions). He explained CTE in great detail, discussed the cases where a CTE can help and initiated a wonderful discussion on recursive CTE.

His session was followed by a short presentation by me on a few real life examples of Recursive CTE. We discussed the internals of recursive CTEs in a bit detail. We took the execution plan of a recursive query (that uses a CTE) and discussed how the query processor might actually be doing the recursion. Then we did a TSQL demo that performs similar operation (that the query processor does with a recursive query) using a WHILE loop.

It was a great time interacting with a lot of SQL Server professionals and a few people raised questions that initiated interesting discussions on various SQL Server topics.


For those of you who missed the UG meeting, there is nothing to download/replay, other than the following photographs :-)

[Keep a watch on pinal's website for the slides and demo scripts]

My welcome speech


Well, Samir took the photo from behind. Next time, I will ask him to take it from the front side.




Pinal's presentation on CTE


This week we did not miss the group photo after the sessions.


I thank everyone for making it a memorable event.


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