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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ahmedabad SQL Server UG - January 2009 Meeting (Jan 17, 2009)

Ahmedabad SQL Server UG had the first UG meeting of 2009, yesterday. We discussed a number of interesting topics and I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed the sessions.

I had been presenting a series of sessions on 'SQL Server Query Optimization Basics' in the past few sessions and presented 'SQL Server Query Optimization Basics -  Part 3' Yesterday. We discussed Query Plan Caching in much detail.

For those of you who missed the sessions, I started writing a series of blog posts that covers all the points we discussed in the previous sessions. You can find the first blog post here. I will add a number of follow up posts soon.

Pinal Dave, SQL Server MVP and Vice President of the UG, presented an interesting session on 'Understanding indexes and sorting'. Pinal will post more details about this and will upload the presentation soon on his blog site.

Imran Bhadelia did a wonderful presentation on the MERGE keyword introduced by SQL Server 2008. This initiated a number of interesting discussions where the performance differences, triggers, capturing the output of the operation and usage of XML were discussed.

Jacob's Presentation


Pinal's Presentation


Imran's Presentation


Group Photo



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