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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ahmedabad SQL Server User Group: February 2009 Meeting

I am a little late to post details of the UG meeting held on 21st February 2009, and I feel bad for keeping you waiting for so long. I was busy finishing some assignments at work. I am flying to Seattle tomorrow to attend the MVP Global Summit. I hope I will have a great time meeting other SQL Server MVPs and many of the SQL Server Team members.

Coming back to the UG meeting, we really had a wonderful time discussing many of the basic SQL Server questions. Pinal Dave has already posted a very detailed blog post covering the activities. He did a wonderful session where he presented some very interesting points related to the way SQL Server Query Optimizer uses indexes.

My session was more of an interactive discussion. While writing my series of posts on SQL Server IDENTITY columns, I came across several interesting questions and I then compiled a long list of 65 questions. We discussed those 65 questions and their answers and the 'why-how' part of each of them. I will create a PDF document with those questions and will make them available for download.

Here are some photographs:


Pinal Dave


Jacob Sebastian


Group Photo


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