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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SQL Server 2005 XML and Default Namespaces

XML and Default Namespaces

An XML document can have multiple namespace declarations. Elements inside an XML document may be linked to dozens of different namespaces. When you have several namespaces declared in your XML document, you can make one of them as default namespace. When you have a default namespace declared, you can omitt the namespace prefix from all the elements that belong to the default namespace.  

SQL Server 2005 and Default Namespaces

SQL Server 2005 supports default namespaces in XML documents. You can create XML documents with default namespaces. You can query XML documents which contains default namespace declarations too. The TSQL keyword WITH NAMESPACES will be helpful while working with XML namespaces.

 I have presented some examples for reading XML documents as well as Generating XML results in XML Workshop XI - Default Namespaces at SQL Server Central. WITH NAMESPACES is a very little known TSQL keyword but it is very powerful to provide namespace related support.

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