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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Microsoft has recently came up with a new lightweight embedded database for desktop applications. This was initially called SQL Server Everywhere and then got renamed to SQL Server Compact Edition or SQLCE for short. I found this tiny database engine to be pretty interesting and after working with it for a while, started writing a series of short articles. This post might serve as an index to find the right article in the series. I will keep updating this post when a new article of this series is published.

SQLCE WORKSHOP I - An Introduction to SQL Server Everywhere

SQLCE was initially named SQL Server Everywhere. This post provides a basic introduction to the product and presents a quick sample application which connects to an SQLCE database file and reads data.



This post attempts to present a closer view of SQLCE. It looks into evolution of SQLCE and looks at a few interesting facts about the product. Important features of the product are discussed along with a few use cases where the use of SQLCE might be ideal.


SQLCE Workshop III - Getting started with 3.5 Beta

Provides a basic introduction to SQL CE 3.5 beta which involves installation, creating a database and tables, connecting to the database file and inserting records to the newly created table from VB.NET as well as C#.NET.

SQLCE Workshop IV - Integration with Visual Studio 2005

Provides an introduction to the Integration of SQL CE with Visual Studio 2005. Explains how to create database, tables and populates data from visual studio.


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