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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SQL Server XML Tutorials - XQuery Tutorials

This series of posts is part of the SQL Server XML Tutorials series that presents a set of XQuery, XSD, FOR XML and XML Bulk Load tutorials. This series of tutorials present several dozen representation/structure of an Order Information XML document and explains how to process them using XQuery and XML Bulk Load component. Then it explains how to create an XSD schema for the given XML document. It also explains how to generate such a document using FOR XML directive.

This series of XQuery tutorials are different from the other XQuery tutorial series I wrote previously. The previous tutorial tries to explain different usages of all XQuery methods and functions. This series of tutorial is bit different from the previous one. In this tutorial we will focus on processing several dozen different representation of the same XML document. We will see how we need to change our XQuery expressions when the structure of the document changes.

All the sample documents we will use in this series are posted here. Please refer the sample document index and find a document having the structure most closely matches with the document you are trying to process. Then you can look at the XQuery example that demonstrates how to process such an XML document and can write a version of the query that matches your document structure.

Each XQuery tutorial in this series will present 3 different versions of the XQuery example:

  1. Reading information from an XML variable
  2. Reading information from an XML Column
  3. Reading information from an XML file

If there is a case/requirement that I have not handled in my examples, please let me know. I will be glad to add that to the tutorials.

Here is a list of all the XQuery tutorials in this series

  1. XQuery Example 1
  2. XQuery Example 2
  3. XQuery Example 3
  4. XQuery Example 4
  5. XQuery Example 5
  6. XQuery Example 6
  7. XQuery Example 7
  8. XQuery Example 8
  9. XQuery Example 9
  10. XQuery Example 10
  11. XQuery Example 11
  12. XQuery Example 12
  13. XQuery Example 13
  14. XQuery Example 14
  15. XQuery Example 15
  16. XQuery Example 16
  17. XQuery Example 17
  18. XQuery Example 18
  19. XQuery Example 19
  20. XQuery Example 20
  21. XQuery Example 21
  22. XQuery Example 22
  23. XQuery Example 23
  24. XQuery Example 24
  25. XQuery Example 25
  26. XQuery Example 26




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